Quick Tip ~ The Power of Word of Mouth: Ask For Reviews!

One key step in getting your books to fly off the shelf is word of mouth. Make use of the review comments on Amazon and any other purchase platforms you may be using. 

Use lines from these reviews as Twitter and Facebook posts as part of your social media networking plan for marketing.

How do you get these reviews and comments? Simple! Ask for them. Send an email request to your contact list to help you out, get in touch with relatives and friends, make use of your social media network.

Let your friends and contacts know this isn’t going to be a time-consuming project – who has time in their busy schedule – you only need 20-50 words and there’s no purchase necessary. If they can’t oblige with a review or comment ask them to at least click on the ‘Like’ or ‘thumbs up’ icon on the product page.

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