Affordable Book Cover Design

With the changes in the publishing industry, the changes in services offered by traditional publishing houses and the desire by authors to be in complete control of their work the number of self-published and indie authors is on the rise.

With millions of books available on Amazon alone this should give self-pub authors an idea of the competition out there. Yes, sad to say, a great story accompanied by a talent for story telling just isn’t enough to get your book sold.

Becoming an author has never been easier but with the sheer number of writers eager to share their message you’ve got to give yourself an edge. One of the ways to grab attention is a great book cover. Many self-published and Indy authors are on a tight budget so the $300 – $500 options offered by many designers is really an option.

I have become familiar with the work of two designers who offer more affordable options and have referred clients to them. (There’s more out there I know but I’m not familiar with their work.) I’ve not only checked these designers work myself but have read and heard a lot of favorable feedback.

Talk about rave reviews! Be sure to check out Donna Casey and Jeff Bennington for professional and affordable book cover designs.

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