Reach Local Readers Through Radio Interviews

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Radio Locator is great for helping you put together a local or regional media list; when I entered my zip code it listed 74 stations! Make contact via phone or in person and explain why you’re calling, do a quick pitch and ask if they’d be interested in an interview. is another source to help you find the booking agents interested in finding radio and TV show and podcast interview guests.

Create Your Team

All you want to do is write but to sell books you have to market and promote. Why not delegate?

What about an assistant to ‘ghost post’ to your social media venues, maybe you need a virtual assistant to monitor your events and keep you on schedule with your virtual book tour appearances. You may even be looking for someone to help you with a new project or revamping your website website.

Check out There’s no charge to check out their list of freelancers and the don’t charge registration or application fees.

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