Update: How Can You Improve Your Blog or Website?

Not long ago I shared the URL for BlogGrader with you; a great free tool to help you focus on how to improve your site so that you could increase traffic.

Well, BlogGrader has now changed it’s scope and name [still a FREE tool though] so that while it checks out your site it also checks out how influential your Tweets and FaceBook posts are.

This tool wouldn’t be a lot of use to anyone without letting you know how you might improve things and that is exactly what Marketing Grader from Hub Spot does.

Check out Marketing Grader today and see how it can help you increase your influence, branding and traffic!

Interaction Is The Name of The Game

Looking for another way to draw more visitors to your site or Facebook page?

So racoons aren’t who you’re looking for but increasing traffic and visibility are what you want and here are two tools to help you get there.

Asking questions is a great way to create interaction and interaction and involvement draws people to your site. Remember though long answers to your questions aren’t going to keep people around…if nothing else people on the web are click happy and always in a hurry to move on to the next activity. You’ll want to construct you questions so they can be answered in as few words as possible; only one word if you can.

Consider a poll or survey. WordPress makes this easy for their users with their polling plug-in supplied by Poll Daddy. Another free option is Survey Monkey. This is also easily applied to Facebook!



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