Fight Back! Don’t Let Twitter and Facebook Take Over (Your Life)

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Free eBook: 30 Ideas For Your 2012 Social Media Plan

Have you reassessed your marketing strategy for 2012? If you’re using methods or techniques that aren’t working for you, i.e. not selling books, it’s time to STOP and tweak your plan.

Se sure that during that reassessment you look at your social media strategy! Use it right and social media networking and relationships can help Boost Book Sales  for you.

Remember to brand your author platform – you are the product!

Free eBook: 30 Ideas For Your 2012 Social Media Plan


Free eBook: 7 Steps for Using Twitter

All-New 30-page Guide 

Twitter can be a profitable and quick  way to connect with your readers. Check out this FREE eBook!

*Tip: Twitter can also be a time ‘eater – preschedule your tweets using HootSuite of SocialOomph.

Also remember to focus on your branding, information products or book when writing your Tweets – forget about sharing personal information like the secret to Aunt Bea’s oatmeal cookies.

You Can Get More Facebook Likes

Did you know that you can make it even easier for followers to ‘Like’ your Facebook page? The easier it is to do the more likely it is to happen and it can be done on the move via their cell phone. How?

First, there are two requirements for it to work:

  1. Before text messages can be sent to Facebook the user must have mobile verification. For this simply go to and sign up for mobile text messaging on Facebook (You’ll be walked through the steps)
  2. The page to receive the ‘Like’ needs a custom URL; as in To obtain a custom URLneed you need 25 fans.

Finally, ask your friends to send a Text Message to 32665; Msg: Like BoostBookSales OR FAN BoostBookSales

Easy and Fast!

Had to Share This FREE Webinar on Facebook Marketing

Why market on Facebook?

  • Facebook has over 800 million highly engaged users
  • Expert marketers agree that Facebook is an effective marketing tool
  • Users not only communicate and engage with their friends but also with businesses
  • Authors are a business in their own right

7 Simple Strategies to Profit From Facebook Marketing

Text and Audio Ebook: How to Monitor Social Media in 10 Minutes a Day

In case you’ve missed my time saving social media tips and you’re still a victim of the social media monster try this link to Hub Spot’s free 20 page ebook.

Twitter Tracking Tools

I like to use #hashtags# to target my audience when I send tweets; is great for locating the best – sometimes a slight tweak to your hashtag can make the difference between reaching the right audience & only one or two people. This site lets you plug in search terms and track them! This site monitors hot trends so you can see what people are Tweeting about and jump into the conversation!

Reprinted from “The Book Marketing Expert newsletter,” a free ezine offering book promotion and publicity tips and techniques.

Convert Fans to Sales on Facebook ~ Part 2

Convert Fans to Sales on Facebook ~ Part 1

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