Reach Local Readers Through Radio Interviews

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Radio Locator is great for helping you put together a local or regional media list; when I entered my zip code it listed 74 stations! Make contact via phone or in person and explain why you’re calling, do a quick pitch and ask if they’d be interested in an interview. is another source to help you find the booking agents interested in finding radio and TV show and podcast interview guests.

“Virtual Book Tours Made Easy” – Get Your Free Report


In case you have not heard, I want to let you know about an exciting new book marketing course called: “Virtual Book Tours Made Easy”!

This step-by-step, much-needed course, is taught by my friend and colleague, D’vorah Lansky M.Ed.

Take a sneak peek, without any commitment!
Here’s a special link so that you can access
a special report called “7 Tips for Maximizing Your Blog Tour”.

You’ll also receive access to a free audio
recording called “Everything You Wanted to
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D’vorah has successfully conducted her own
virtual book tours, the most recent leading to her book becoming an Amazon bestseller in less than 3 weeks from the book’s debut!

You can check out the details and gain immediate access to your special report and audio recording.

If you like what you see, you’ll also be able to access details about the Virtual Book Tours Made Easy course.

Definitely worth a “look-see”!

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Quick Tip ~ The Power of Word of Mouth: Ask For Reviews!

One key step in getting your books to fly off the shelf is word of mouth. Make use of the review comments on Amazon and any other purchase platforms you may be using. 

Use lines from these reviews as Twitter and Facebook posts as part of your social media networking plan for marketing.

How do you get these reviews and comments? Simple! Ask for them. Send an email request to your contact list to help you out, get in touch with relatives and friends, make use of your social media network.

Let your friends and contacts know this isn’t going to be a time-consuming project – who has time in their busy schedule – you only need 20-50 words and there’s no purchase necessary. If they can’t oblige with a review or comment ask them to at least click on the ‘Like’ or ‘thumbs up’ icon on the product page.

Affordable Book Cover Design

With the changes in the publishing industry, the changes in services offered by traditional publishing houses and the desire by authors to be in complete control of their work the number of self-published and indie authors is on the rise.

With millions of books available on Amazon alone this should give self-pub authors an idea of the competition out there. Yes, sad to say, a great story accompanied by a talent for story telling just isn’t enough to get your book sold.

Becoming an author has never been easier but with the sheer number of writers eager to share their message you’ve got to give yourself an edge. One of the ways to grab attention is a great book cover. Many self-published and Indy authors are on a tight budget so the $300 – $500 options offered by many designers is really an option.

I have become familiar with the work of two designers who offer more affordable options and have referred clients to them. (There’s more out there I know but I’m not familiar with their work.) I’ve not only checked these designers work myself but have read and heard a lot of favorable feedback.

Talk about rave reviews! Be sure to check out Donna Casey and Jeff Bennington for professional and affordable book cover designs.

‘Free’ Is A Strong Promotional Tool

While promotion isn’t necessarily sales or marketing it is definitely vital to branding and publicity and this is where giveaways and contests come in.

Rafflecopter  helps you run these opt-in marvels from your blog. You handle the publicity and promotion of the giveaway or contest and Rafflecopter supplies the widget that provides the start and end dates, ways to enter, rules, etc. based on the information you decided on.

A great tool for authors and book bloggers!

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Holiday Pricing And A Giveaway Too?!

 Lynnette & Emily have already done the research and experimenting so you can successfully sell your book. And now you can enter to win a free copy!

26-page Report

Do you want to earn money as a writer? If you are considering writing as a money-making proposition you will want a peek at what lies beyond publishing your writing into an eBook. Be Smart about it.

Lynnette Phillips, extraordinary book marketer, radio personality, and author joins IndieAuthor, and self-publishing enthusiast, Emily Hill, in this amazing and expansive look into Smart Promoting – the kind of promoting that Sells Books!

You could surf the net, set aside time for podcasts, analyze blogs for all of this valuable information – but why spend the time when for $2.99 Lynnette Phillips and Emily Hill lay it All out there for You! Be Smart!

These two veterans of the book world and independent publishing give you a host of fresh ideas on how to go about promoting your books, where to save money, and how to make a mark in the ‘New World’ of publishing!

Laid out in Quick and Easy to understand terms you will learn tips on the following topics in this excerpt from the ‘All Smart Cookies Can Self Publish 2011 Guide’: Friends~Family~Fans; Marketing ~ Publicity; Sell Sheets; Libraries; Book Signings; Advertising; Talk Shows.

This is where You Enter Center Stage, Shine, and Start Making Money as an Author. So! Let’s get started!

Enter Your eMail Address for a Chance to Win!

Gain Readers With Samplings

Tease reader’s senses with with a sample of your book. Lead them to the purchase where they can find out what’s next.

Embed a free sampling widget on your website. Create a viral marketing tool by encouraging fans to embed a sampling widget on their site too!


Promote A Personalized Edition of Your Kindle Book–Connect With Readers


You’ve shared your memoirs using the ease of publishing on Kindle but now you’re thinking you can’t take advantage of promoting a book signing. Well why not?

Use’s free service to digitally personalize and sign your readers copy.

Connect with your readers. Promote an online book signing and provide an inscription and autograph. Your readers can purchase their Amazon Kindle copy through Kindlegraph’s site and the author receives a request to provide an inscription and autograph. View Evan’s screencast introducing his app.

Lynnette Phillips Kindlegraph page

Free Book Marketing Podcast Series |

As an author if you’re not taking advantage of audio  you’re missing out on increasing you website traffic and building your following!

The 2012 Indie Excellence Awards – Deadline April 15, 2012

The Indie Excellence Awards contest is taking submissions!

NIEA celebrates overall excellence, including design and promotional text. To enter, please send one copy of your book per category entered. Books with publication dates of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 are eligible. Books published anywhere in the world may be submitted as long as they are in English and can be purchased in the United States.

For more information, expanded category listings and entry forms please visit:

Reprinted from “The Book Marketing Expert newsletter,” a free ezine offering book promotion and publicity tips and techniques.

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