Thanks for taking an interest in Lynnette Phillips’ Book World. This, BTW, is Lynnette. You came here to find out a little about me so here goes.

First of all, you can find me writing 3 different blogs:

Lynnette’s Book World, which I still maintain because I’m such an avid reader, love books and libraries and have found that there are so many talented self-published authors out there who deserve applauding.

I also write Book World Marketing sharing bits of my book marketing and promotion advice.

Then there’s my newest blog, Book World Resources where I’ve decided to share links, tips and information to help guide authors and other book world aficionados through the maze of information available to them out there.

I have written several book marketing and self-publishing guides available on Kindle. My latest guide is coauthored with Indie publisher Emily Hill titled Making Money on e-books: Smart Promoting .

Many authors find that marketing their book and building their author platform eats into their writing schedule so I created Book Marketing on Auto-Pilot; a customizable plan to aid in staying visible without spending a lot of time doing it. A generic PDF of Book Marketing on Auto‑Pilot is available for free download by clicking on this link.

My author services in marketing, editing and book trailers as a coach, coordinator or as a full service provider are also available.

If I can help you with any questions, information requests or service referrals please use the form below to contact me.

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