$99 Book Trailers

With a book trailer you could:

  • Boost book sales – 96% of online spenders are also video viewers [Source: comScore]

  • Increase traffic to your website or blog – Embed your book trailer on your site; using Twitter and Facebook draw viewers to your site where it has become valuable content that keeps their attention.

  • Connect with your readers – By capturing the interest of viewers you’ve converted them to readers, customers, fans

How we begin:
  • Tell me about your book and email me a jpg of your cover design along with any pictures you may think pertinent to the story.  (If you send me some jpg images rather than having me search for something appropriate it will save you an additional $24.99.)
  • You send my PayPal account $99 for a 30-45 second video book trailer (you can add up to another 45 seconds to your book trailer’s length by sending another $49.99 to my PayPal account).
  • I never suggest a book trailer longer than 90 seconds and think that something 30-60 seconds is much more valuable to the author.
  • I’ll send you a link to view your book trailer and we’ll do a tweaking session.


“So thrilled with my…video, I’m putting it in ALL my news releases, loaded it to my Kindle/UK page, and ‘back filled’ it to my OLD (two weeks ago) news releases.  It needs to go next to my Goodreads site.”  “Unrivaled…”

     ~Emily Hill, Publisher/Author, 2012

“Lynnette was recently instrumental in getting a book promo video on YouTube. She figuratively held my hand at every step and the result is highly satisfactory.” November 15, 2011

Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, High Integrity

1st R.L.B. Hartmann
hired Lynnette as a Business Consultant in 2010, and hired Lynnette more than once

“I was in a LinkedIn book group with Lynnette and noticed the quality of her posts. She is active in her field, offering a lot of helpful information. Because of that I hired her to do a book trailer for me for my newest novel. She was wonderful to work with. She was reliable, was always quick to respond to my e-mail questions, she’s really friendly and informative, helpful, and easy to work with. I think she’s terrific! I wouldn’t hesitate to use her services for book promotion again, and have referred a writer colleague to her for her Virtual Book Tour services. Thank you, Lynnette for a terrific book trailer! (add generous to the list her qualities…as she was learning Animoto, she had offered to do a few book trailers for free for practice).” November 14, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

1st Jodine Turner
hired Lynnette as a Book Promotion in 2011




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  1. Thanks a heap for this post, glad to see there are still some excellent writers around the web!


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