FREE Live Webinar: Seven Secrets of Successful Self Published Authors

I have picked up so much valuable information from free webinars. They keep me up-to-date on trends, there’s a new batch available with each season and even if you have to weed out the purchase offers you can’t beat the value!

Offered by Writer’s Digest

FREE Live Webinar:
Seven Secrets of Successful Self Published Authors
Session Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2012
Starting Time: 2:30 PM EST
Duration: 1 Hour

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Why is it that some writers are able to reach their publishing goal and market their books successfully while others never get it done?

Keith Ogorek, SVP of marketing for Author Solutions and self published author of two books, shares seven secrets he’s learned from his own experience working with hundreds of authors that will help you understand your publishing options and the key things to know about effective marketing. Confused or overwhelmed by the changes in publishing today? This seminar will help you gain clarity about your opportunities.

Don’t miss your chance to take part in one of Writer’s Digest most highly attended webinars!

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