4 Free Image and Video Tools

Images and video make your site visually pleasing and draw visitors into the site to browse spending a longer time visiting and finding out about what you have to offer. You can also spice up your video creations and connect with readers and more.

Take a look at  Judith Works’, author of Coins In The Fountain, blog to see what I mean about the importance and attraction value of sharing images and video on your site.

MorgueFile.com offers hundreds pics on a multitude of subjects free for download. Find just the right one to convey your thoughts. FREE!

PikNik.com is a FREE photo editor that allows you to tweak and perfect photos until they’re just right.

Animoto.com is another FREE tool but this time so you can use your pictures, video clips and music to create your own striking video creations.

And what would your video be without just the right music to set it off? Incompetech.com provides royalty free music clips for a small donation (intended only to keep the site free and available).


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  1. I noted that with Animoto, the FREE version allows only 30 seconds. For a windbag like me, that’s nowhere near enough. Or maybe I need to cut….


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